Your Council

Little Malvern and Welland Parish Council serves the two Parishes. Little Malvern Parish comprises some 20 dwellings widespread between Reservoir Cottage in the Malvern Hills below British Camp and Saint Wulstan's Church, Kings Road towards Upper Welland and the A4104 towards Welland. It has two of the eleven Parish Councillors.

Welland is a village of some 500 dwellings, many of which are within a settlement area to the east of the B4208 and there are just under 40 mobile homes at Hook Bank. The remainder are scattered along the roads of the Parish in small clusters. There are two major developments currently under construction along Drake Street.

The Parish Council - What do we do?

The Parish Council meets in public every month (usually the third Monday) and we deal with a wide range of things for the benefit of the community in our two parishes.

We own and, with other groups, take care of,

  • The playing fields, Spitalfields and the Green
  • Old and new cemeteries,
  • The village hall and the pavilion,
  • Litter bins, noticeboards and signs.

For these activities we spend about £20,000 per year mostly on maintenance supported by the power to raise funds from council tax. We're also involved in maintaining roadside footways, drains and fences on behalf of County Highways.

As a tier of local government, we are consulted by many other bodies about things like: planning applications, highways and footpath issues, local amenities, drainage, community health and wellbeing and housing.

We don't have powers in these areas, but we do have an influential voice. We are also a very effective channel for residents to raise concerns about things that are going wrong or opportunities to improve, be they day to day matters or questions of longer-term policy.

One such activity that is still work in progress after several years is the Welland Neighbourhood Plan which will have power to influence future development in the village.

Meanwhile we are spending a lot of time (and money) improving amenities in the village in line with our strategy for enhancing open space and recreation facilities. We specify and manage contracts, apply for funds and grants and we put a lot of efforts into consultation to ensure that we are responding to residents' wishes.

Communication is a vital part of our responsibility and this newsletter, the website and social media channels are a part of our commitment to inform residents and to receive and act on input from individuals and from the community as a whole. We organise and support activities to reach out to all residents and our new initiative on community entertainment should help things too.

All your Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers and we are supported by many other volunteers and, most ably, by our Clerk, David Sharp who keeps us in order and does most of the work.