Affordable Housing in Welland

St James' Green show home and sign

Parish Councillors recently attended a briefing from District Council Officers on the status and future of affordable housing in Welland. Here is a summary of what we learned: -

There are four sites in Welland that will, when developed, provide a volume of Affordable Housing.

  • Two sites will provide homes for which people with local connections have priority. Spring Meadows (Guild Homes) 12 Affordable (10 rented, 2 fixed equity) and Spitalfields (Debbie Brookes) 12 Affordable (8 rented, 4 shared ownership)
  • One site will provide homes for which local people do not get priority over applicants from the district. Lawn Farm 1 (Bovis Homes) 20 Affordable (16 rented, 4 fixed equity)
  • One site for which the mix, tenure and allocation is not yet determined. Lawn Farm 2 (TBA) probably 20 Affordable (16 rented, 4 fixed equity)
  1. All of these affordable houses and their allocation are likely to be managed by Fortis Living. Fortis manage the housing stock on their own account and they also carry out the allocation duties on behalf of the District Council.
  2. To obtain any affordable house an applicant must be a Qualified Person. The first requirement is they must be Registered with a Housing Need. Anyone wanting access to this housing is encouraged to register as soon as possible, either on line through or through Fortis Living (01684 579579) which manages the housing register for MHDC. Don't hesitate; length of time on the list is one of the selection criteria
  3. For housing on Spring Meadows or Spitalfields, Qualified Persons with Local Connections have some priority. Local Connections means (in summary) you live or work or give or receive care in the Parish. In this case, the Parish includes Parish includes Welland, Little Malvern, Castlemorton and Birtsmorton. Applicants from Welland have additional weighting.
  4. For homes on Lawn Farm 1 those with Local Connections do not get priority over others with similar housing need from the District.
  5. Local people are advised to register a preference for homes on Spring Meadows or Spitalfields where their connections provide them with a greater probability of success.
  6. Local Connections and Housing Need are still not guarantors of success for applicants to a particular site. Aspects of affordability, space requirements and other factors also weigh in the balance. The District Council has a Rural Lettings Policy which covers all the general principles of this topic. Look for the Rural Allocations Policy link on