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Welcome to Little Malvern and Welland Parish Council's new website. On this website you will find all the current activities of the Parish Council, agendas and minutes of meetings, dates and times of meetings (all residents are welcome to attend and contribute), updates on what's going on in Little Malvern and Welland and links to other village websites such as St. James Parish Church.

Our Village Pub?

At the Annual Parish meeting held on Monday 24th April there was a masive vote in favour of the Parish Council triggering the Asset of Community Value process with a view to examining the potential for restoring the Pheasant Pub and raising the necessary funds. To that end the Parish Council has established a working group to carry this forward. Those with skills to contribute and willingness to participate should contact the chairman, Viv Nelson for information about the working group. viv@nelsontraining.co.uk 01684 310522.

Outdoor Gym

Here is the draft specification for outdoor gym equipment for older people. 2017 Welland Senior Fitness Space.pdf

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Open Space and Recreation Plan

Here is a draft plan for provision of open space and recreation facilities that was approved at the Parish Council meeting on 20th February. Draft Open Space and Recreation Plan - 2012 02 11.pdf

Our open forum

You are welcome to start discussions and to comment in the new Discussion Forum. All you have to do is register a user name and your email address and you can join in discussions about current Parish topics.

What’s new in Welland

Next Parish Council meeting Monday 17th July 7.30pm

Everyone is welcome at Parish Council meetings and encouraged to participate. 

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